Partition Assistant Home Edition

Partition Assistant Home Edition 3.0

A free utility with the disk partition functions of commercial products
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Partition Assistant Home Edition is the free version of this excellent partition management utility. Despite being a free tool, this application incorporates features to manage your hard disk partitions that you will not find in many commercial products. Thus, you can not only create new partitions, but also resize, move, delete, merge, and split already existing partitions, with full support for both NTFS and FAT32 file systems.

Far from the lack of flexibility of older partition managers – which barely allowed you to create a new partition or get rid of an unused one – Partition Assistant comes with a long list of features that will keep you wondering why nobody invented this before. From now on you will be able to play around with your hard disk’s partitions almost as if they were simple folders. Before going into other advanced options, the program can perform a thorough exploration of your disks to provide you with in-depth information about the existing partitions (if any). Other basic functionality includes label partition, file system conversion (from FAT to NTFS), drive letter change, or the well-known partition creation, deletion, and formatting.

But it is in its advanced functionality that this program really shines. Here you can easily change the amount of space dedicated to a certain partition, either shrinking or extending it. You can not only resize it in any way, but also put two partitions together, or split a large partition into smaller ones. You can move them, hide or unhide them, wipe them away from your disk for good, or perform repartitions in your hard drive – without formatting your existing partitions or reinstalling your operating system!

Version 3 comes with two new features that deserve to be especially noted. Both refer to the new copy and clone functionality that has been recently implemented. Thus, you can now clone/copy a full disk or a given partition, moving every file in that disk or partition to another without any data loss.

What makes this tool a winner right from the start is the fact that the differences between this Home Edition and the professional, server, or technician editions lie not in the main functionality, but on the operating systems supported – this free version runs only in 32-bit versions of Windows -, the lack of future upgrades, or the technical support. Therefore, with Partition Assistant Home Edition you can rest assured that all the functionality that has made this product stand out from the rest is there for free – no time limitation, no partial performance, no disappointing surprises.

Francisco Martínez
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